Ring in the New Year with Hope, Gratitude and Optimism

As 2021 draws to a close, I think about the vibration of sound. Like yoga, there is no end to it. It is eternal. There are moments when it feels like this pandemic will never end. In my personal practice, it helps to view what is happening in the world as Narayana, the Divine. Narayana literally means “Indweller”.

Seeing the Indweller in all–even those aspects of life that cause restriction, isolation, frustration and discontent–is helpful in having a more positive mental outlook and gives me a glimpse of the “Truth” the ancients yogis realized.

My wish for you and your loved ones, besides a blessed holiday and much peace, is the enervation of the Divine in your own life.

Here are some ways to stay resilient in your prayers, faith and hope for a better future:

1. Keep a gratitude and hope journal.

2. Remain curious and open instead of letting negativity get the best of you.

3. Invest in your health. Exercise regularly. Join my New “Strength, Roller, Stretch.” A hybrid class including weights, core exercise and stretch. Details below.

4. Make a difference. Contribute positivity to someone else’s life through charity, time and supporting others less fortunate.

5. Treat yourself to the highest quality supplementation. Try Nariveda Ayurvedic Elixirs. I’m in love with these potent anti-aging supplements!

6. Create a personal altar in your home where you can offer daily prayers.

7. Discover who is your cherished deity or Ishta Devata and offer this form of the Divine prayers for protecting and nourishing your life.

8. Meditate. Slowing down and listening to your breath has amazing benefits.

9. Practice Gratitude Daily. No matter how small, take nothing for granted. We have so many gifts and reasons to celebrate our good fortune.

10. Keep educating yourself and learning new things. Read, watch videos, take online classes, take up a new hobby. It’s never too late to grow!

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