Vedic Chanting Opens the Heart Chakra Petals

In India, Vedic Chanting is classically called Adhyayanam, which means “Pilgrimage to the heart” because it is through the process of chanting Sanskrit mantra-s and hymns, that you literally come closer to yourself.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration,” and quantum physics, as we know, has proved this. We yogis and yoginis have directly experienced the plethora of good vibrations that tapping into the sacred pranava OM brings. But imagine what happens when you learn devotional chants from the oldest source of sacred scriptures in India—and utter these ancient mantras exactly as they have been chanted for the past 5,000-8,000 years?

Sound or śabda in Sanskrit refers to any speech, sound, word, utterance, or vibration and is a significant aspect of spiritual practice. In Indian tradition, sound, especially as embodied in the Veda-s, is considered an exalted practice.

Vedic chanting adheres to strict rules of pronunciation and grammar, metre and continuity, so that the hymns are chanted as they were by the ancients.

Vedic chanting is done in Sanskrit or Samskrtam, which is considered the “Mother of all languages.”

The word Samskrtam means “refined”, “perfect”, “well made” or consecrated “sacred”. The  earliest written form of Sanskrit was expressed in Devanagari about 2000 BC and later transliterated into Roman.

This exquisite language arose from a people who valued inner peace over outer possessions. They came from a highly advanced culture that discovered yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, Jyotish (astronomy/astrology), mathematics, and sound (mantra).

Devanāgarī, which is the script most commonly used to express Sanskrit means dwelling or “City of the Gods”.

Opening the Heart through Chanting

Hridayam is a beautiful Sanskrit word that can be translated as “heart” or “that which nourishes and heals the heart.”

Chanting from the Veda-s stimulates and opens the hridayam or heart chakra, also known as the anahata chakra. Opening this energy center for higher states of awareness allows us to simultaneously heal our own sadness and grief, as well as allowing us to feel deep love and compassion for ourselves.

Listen to Laghunyāsah: A Prayer for Global Healing

All mantra-s and chants from the Veda-s affect and help to open the heart chakra. Laghunyāsah is a prayer for protection, hope, health and healing not only for yourself, but for all. This chant specifically invokes the natural elements to sustain the organs and functions of the human system. It can be chanted or listened to as a way to assist individuals suffering from ill health, including fear, anxiety, depression and stress.

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