Privacy and Disclosure of Information


M.S. Parker, LLC respects the User’s privacy and will not sell or misuse the User’s personal information or data. The User’s name, address, email address and phone number will only be disclosed to process orders as follows:


      • For all purchases in the Shop.
      • For products (chanting textbooks, audio files of chants, art and notecards) fulfilled by M.S. Parker, LLC.
      • For purchases of services (chanting courses, yoga therapy and foam roller classes, private or semi-private mentoring in chanting, yoga or foam roller).


The User’s email address will be used for the “Monique Parker” newsletter subscription at check-out or the sign-up box on the website. M.S. Parker, LLC will not give or sell the User’s email address, and the User may unsubscribe at any time.




Cookies are used on the website by Google Analytics for analyzing data, such as tracking sales and the number of visitors to the website.


A cookie (sometimes called web cookie or browser cookie) is a file stored in the User’s web browser with small pieces of data that store information, such as the User’s settings and preferences, the frequency someone visits a specific website, and other analytical data.

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