Painting as a Spiritual Path

The past couple of months I have been divinely inspired, painting up a Vedic storm of sacred images. I had never painted before Covid. Now I’m in love with painting as part of my spiritual path. I chant Sanskrit mantra-s while I paint, infusing each piece with prayer. This outpouring of creativity and productivity has been a blessing from the Sacred Feminine. Now I wish to inspire you to tap into your own bliss!

Even if you don’t paint, here are some simple things you can do to get inspired:

1. Be clear in your intentions. Instead of broadcasting what you don’t want, tell the universe what you DO wish to manifest.

2. Add mantra-s to your activities and watch the seeds bloom. Say mantra-s while you cook. Add positive affirmations to your email. Repeat mantra-s when you go for a walk.

 3. Mantra-s energize the flower petals of your chakra-s boosting your health. Try this: Lay on the ground with your arm out, palms up, eyes closed. As you exhale, repeat inside your mind: Om Na Ma Ha. This means: “I let go. I surrender.” This will instantly help you feel lighter.

4. Before you eat, say a prayer to energize your meals.

5. After waking each morning, offer Goddess Earth gratitude for her unconditional sustenance.

6. Instead of sending an email, write an old fashioned and beautiful notecard.

6. Discover who is your cherished deity or Ishta Devata and offer this form of the Divine prayers for protecting and nourishing your life.

8. Listen or chant ancient mantra-s from the Veda-s along with me. This will permeate your environment with positive vibrations.

9. Connect with someone new each week. Expand your community.

10. Try something novel that has been on your bucket list.


Monique is a proud member of the Northern New Mexico Artists.

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