How to Pray to Mother Earth

In the Vedic tradition, the Earth Mother or Bhū Devi is considered our first mother or guru.

Unlike mainstream capitalistic culture that views nature as a source of unlimited resources for our production and consumption, the ancient rishis of India took a more holistic and nurturing view.

Mankind’s self-serving treatment of the earth has led us to an ecological imbalance. This is evident in the global pandemic, water and air pollution, flooding, droubts, fires, land degradation, glacial melting, etc. All of which is contributing to the consequence of climate change.

The Vedic seers held a deep respect towards the Earth Goddess as the source of our existence. She is the one who sustains us: she provides food, water, clothes, shelter, herbal medicines, and fresh air. She is exquisitely beautiful and inviting, adorned with mountains, rivers, plants, forests, and herbs.

As her children, walking on Gaia from the moment we wake up each morning, it is imperative that we treat her with respect. One thing you can easily start doing is to regularly contemplate how she provides us with everything we need without asking for anything in return.

It is our duty to maintain balance with Mother Earth. It is no wonder she is retaliating to our self-centered actions and aggression towards her.

Since we are all stewards of this planet, we must learn to take right and responsible actions to protect, nurture and help her heal. This begins with conscious awareness of our attitude and behaviors. Our future depends on it.

When you wake up in the morning, touch the ground with your hand and offer a blessing of gratitude to Goddess Earth. Ask for her forgiveness. Acknowledge that everything we have comes from her. This salutation should come before you even place your feet upon her.

A Vedic chant to Goddess Earth

The Veda-s offer a hymn of praise to Goddess Earth called Bhūsūktam that addresses  Bhūmi (Sanskrit: भूमि), Bhūmī-Devī (Sanskrit: भूमी देवी), Gaia, Goddess Earth–the Mother of us all.

Bhūsūktam is one of five suktams or hymns of praise revered by devotees of Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of this world. Bhū Devi is considered one of the two forms of Lakshmi, the Goddess of abundance. Bhūsūktam is part of the Taittiriya-Samhita.

Listen to Bhūsūktam

This chant is available as an MP3 at my store for listening and chanting along. If you sign up for my mailing list, I will send you the MP3 for free. Go to Youtube to hear me chant this hymn in a variety of breathtaking locations in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas.

Translation of Bhūsūktam

You are the soil (ground) of the earth, the breadth of the sky, and the vastness of space (the region between heaven and earth). O goddess Aditi (the earth), I place in your lap Agni (the god of fire), the consumer of all food, for the consumption of food.

The approaching effulgent sun, passes the earth, crosses over, and advances again towards father sky.

The speech (sound) shines through thirty abodes, bearing with it the sun and carrying it west towards the sky.

With upward and downward movement, the sun proceeds in the shining sky, and illuminates in the manifest form.

If I have scattered (you) asunder being angry, in distress or through wrong behaviour, oh Agni! as per prescribed rule, that yours, I will rekindle again.

Whatever of you (i.e., Agni) which was scattered in distress, which spread across the earth, that the Adityas, Vishwe Devas and Vasus have gathered back.

Let the light of mind be pleased with the oblation (of ghee). Let the scattered yagna come together. May Brihaspathi perform this (yagna) for us. May all the gods be delighted here.

May she (i.e., the earth) be medini, devi, vasundhara, vasudha and vasavi; and through divine power, (may she be) the ear, eye and mind of the pitrs (departed ancestors/manes).

Goddess of the golden womb, goddess –the procreator, the one of many flavours, the abode of goodness, may you be pleased.

Enveloped by the ocean, illumined by the sun, she is our goddess, comprising the earth (soil/ground), sustainer of the earth, a great amalgamator.

Providing fearlessness at every peak and in every yagna, she is the consort of the overlord, pervading here as the divine river.

(She is) having (life giving) air, reclining on water (the oceans), holding riches, glittering in materiality, with abundant soil, enveloped by a cover (of vegetation, etc.) all-round.

I pay obeisance to the consort of Vishnu, the earth goddess, to Madhavi – who is beloved of Madhava, to the goddess who is a dear friend of Lakshmi, and the favourite of Achyuta.

Om! May we know the wielder of bow. May we meditate upon the giver of all accomplishments. May that Dharaa (goddess earth) inspire us.

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