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by Monique Parker

If you have chronically tight muscles and/or a weak core, I’d like to introduce you to a simple, effective, inexpensive, portable, and powerful self-care tool that I’ve been using professionally as a yoga therapist for 25 years.

by Julie Cortopassi

In March of 2020, I began to experience health issues that may or may not have been related to COVID-19. I may never know. What I do know is that I am grateful to be alive, am still experiencing mild, but prolonged, mysterious symptoms, and am slowly, but surely progressing in recovering my health.

by Ashton Graham

Maintaining equanimity and balance during these times is difficult. Hopefully, some of the tools that I have shared during the past few months, from stimulating your vagus nerve to grounding, have helped. Have you ever tried chanting or listening to chants? Reciting a mantra over and over?

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