Individual and Small Group Sessions

Vedic Chanting Mentoring

*Semi-private sessions are small groups of 2-3 students. The price is per student.

Learn to Vedic Chant

Vedic chanting is helpful for those who are on a path to awakening. Learning to chant is like any new skill. The best way to learn to chant is with a qualified teacher. Classically, Vedic chanting was taught in India in call and response format—a dynamic process of listening and repeating sounds exactly as one’s teacher.

In this way, listening, memory, concentration, and mutual respect are enhanced. Mentoring and the support of a teacher allows you to progress at your own pace and capacity, while offering accelerated growth and development.

Mentoring sessions are helpful for those who wish to:

  • Establish or refine a personal practice
  • Improve pronunciation, articulation, and listening skills
  • Learn a specific Vedic chant
  • Activate and deepen one’s hatha yoga or spiritual practice with sound
  • Deepen one’s chanting practice with ongoing support and guidance
  • Better understand a chant, mantra, or Sanskrit grammar
  • Receive and learn personal mantra for use in japa meditation

Finding Your Voice

Self-actualization begins when you find your voice. Learning Sanskrit mantra-s and Vedic chants helps to improve self esteem, enhance moods and refine listening skills.

Personal Immersion

Online Mentoring

In addition to online courses, I mentor students privately and semi-privately (groups of 2-3) in call and response fashion. This classic and systematic approach is the foundation for deeper levels of attunement, self-expression and understanding.

Call and Response

When the teacher recites and the student receives, and when the student listens and is listened to—a profound learning and understanding develops. This is the best way to learn to chant. Studying in this way refines awareness, vocalization, concentration, articulation, pronunciation, and listening skills.

The Process

The results are not always quick. There is an awakening process of exercising the voice. We learn to use our voice in new ways to tonify, cleanse, refine and integrate our breath, awareness, and mind at a deep level.

When I work with students, there is often a resistance to being heard, to opening the mouth, and making mistakes. I act as a compassionate facilitator to help you cultivate the confidence and skills to overcome blocks and resistance.

As students surrender to the process of chanting, the techniques, rules, effort and frustrations all get integrated. It’s a profoundly magical moment like when a child learns to read. Students are constantly reaching new levels of vocalization, concentration, absorption, and endurance with mentoring and dedicated practice.

The Lessons

Depending on your interests, a range of Vedic chants and mantras are taught. Some chants are energizing, while others are calming. All Vedic chants support well-being and increase concentration and breath capacity. Along with Vedic chanting, you might also learn how to use mantra to support your spiritual practices. No prior knowledge of Sanskrit or chanting is required.

The Benefits of Vedic Chanting

Scientific studies show that chanting mantra-s alleviates negative emotions, stabilizes moods, and boosts immune system functioning. Research supports the effectiveness of Sanskrit mantra-s for healing due to vagus nerve stimulation, improved pulmonary function and increased lung capacity.

Healing and Transformation

Vedic chanting is an active meditation and pranayama practice. It connects us to our hearts, cleansing the senses and purifying our habits of speech and thought. Chanting helps us to feel expansive in all dimensions—physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Learning to chant facilitates healing and transformation by literally changing unconscious breathing patterns and relaxing the fight or flight response. My aim is to help you integrate and heal imbalances of body and mind that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns so that you can be your best self.

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