Fridays 1-3PM PM MT

(6.5 hours)

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Who the Art of  Vedic Chanting Online Courses are for

The Art of Vedic Chanting online courses are designed for anyone who wants to inspire his/her spiritual path or yoga practice. The study and chanting of the Veda-s brings you closer to your heart and is a way to expedite healing, develop and refine listening and awareness skills, and access deeper states of meditation.

      • Discover your voice for self-empowerment
      • Develop your breath and concentration through sound
      • Learn how to read and vocalize Romanized Sanskrit
      • Understand the basic phonetic and grammar rules of Vedic chanting
      • Harness the calming and balancing effect on the nervous system
      • Comprehend the meaning of selected chants
      • Deepen your yoga and spiritual practice
      • Enhance lung capacity and oxygen supply to entire body
      • Participate in an ancient, authentic transmission of call-and-response sadhana
      • Join a small, dedicated sangha of Vedic chanters committed to personal development
      • No previous experience in singing or chanting required, only a sincere interest and desire to learn


About this Course

Camakaprashnaha, Fridays, May 3-June 7, 2024, 3-4:15PM MT


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