Mar 08 - 10 2021


US Mountain Time
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


YA & IAYT Credit

The Art of Vedic Chanting: Śiva-mantrāha for Maha Śivaratri

Mon, March 8 3-4PM MT

Tues & Wed, March 9 & 10  3-4:30PM MT

(4 hours)

*fulfills 4 non-contact/contact hours


About this Course

Maha Śivaratri (“Great Night of Śiva”) is a Hindu festival celebrated annually in honor of Lord Śiva. It is the most important festival of the year for devotees of the Hindua god Śiva. The name of the festival refers to the night when Śiva performs the heavenly dance.

In this workshop you will learn Śiva-mantrāha which describes his many names and attributes. The chant is derived from the Taittirīya-samhitā, and will be taught in four ghanams or patterns: samhitā, krama, jatā, and ghana.

Each course provides review the six rules of grammar in Vedic chanting set out in the Tattiriya Upanishad: pronunciation, letters or vowels and consonants (varna), pronunciation (svara), duration or unit of length of sound (mātrā), force or strength (balam), continuity (sāma), and combination of two words that blend together (santānah).

Who the Art of  Vedic Chanting Courses are for

The Art of Vedic Chanting courses are designed for anyone who wants to inspire his/her spiritual path or yoga practice. The study and chanting of the Veda-s brings you closer to your heart and is a way to expedite healing, develop and refine listening and awareness skills, and access deeper states of meditation.

      • Discover your voice for self-empowerment
      • Develop your breath and concentration through sound
      • Learn how to read and vocalize Romanized Sanskrit
      • Understand the basic phonetic and grammar rules of Vedic chanting
      • Harness the calming and balancing effect on the nervous system
      • Comprehend the meaning of selected chants
      • Deepen your yoga and spiritual practice
      • Enhance lung capacity and oxygen supply to entire body
      • Participate in an ancient, authentic transmission of call-and-response sadhana
      • Join a small, dedicated sangha of Vedic chanters committed to personal development
      • No previous experience in singing or chanting required, only a sincere interest and desire to learn


Continuing Education & Professional Development

This course fulfills 4 non-contact hours CECs with Yoga Alliance for RYTs and  4 contact hours of Professional Development with IAYT for C-IAYTs.



4 Hour Course: $88


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